[at-l] PA Ruck in 9 days !!!!

Steele, Raymond RSteele at lhup.edu
Mon Jan 22 14:08:46 CST 2007

My name is "Pootz" (Ray Steele) and I plan to attend the PA-Ruck this
weekend.  What would you like me to bring for the pot lucks and the soup
benefit.  Another Ruckster Mark Shaffer contacted me and I am going to
go half's with him on the 4 cans of coffee and creamer you assigned him.
Please let me know what else I can bring.
Is there a registration process that I need to complete prior to arrival
on Friday?
Looking forward to the weekend.
Thanks for your help

All that wander are not lost.  

Raymond L. Steele 
308 Sullivan Hall 
Lock Haven PA, 17745 

Work - 570-893-2377


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