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 Here in the central Florida woods I'm seeing the Chicasaw (sp?) plum trees already blooming; they normally bloom about mid to late February.  The azaleas are starting to bloom--another plant that normally blooms 5 to 7 weeks later than this.  
We haven't had a winter at all.  With 18 people coming for dinner and a high around 80+ with matching humidity, I gave up and had the air conditioning on for Christmas.  There were mosquitos at the New Year's campout in the Ocala National Forest.  Temperatures are running 10 degrees or more above normal, and have pretty much all winter thus far.  There hasn't been anything even approaching a frost.
This past weekend it was in the mid 80's in the Orlando area, and super humid.  Yuck.  I slept with the ceiling fan on last night.  I WANT WINTER!!!  
Sick of the heat,
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Thursday temperatures reached 50 degrees in all of New Hampshire. 
Friday it rained in the morning with the possibility of rain all day 
and temps again in the 50's.  Saturday, temps were in the 60's, 70's 
in Concord.  
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