[at-l] No Journal Host Yet?

Mara Factor m_factor at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 08:45:21 CST 2007

LOL - This isn't spam so much as a potentially (but not really) misplaced 
post that just "feels" like spam.

If you look at the postholer site, it makes it look like this message should 
have been sent to the pct-l and cdt-l mailing lists, not the AT mailing 
list.  There are PCT and CDT options on the home page but no AT option.  I 
suspect AT thruhikers would have more incentive to post their journals there 
if the site looked like the site was also designed for AT hikers.  (Hint, 
hint.  Where's the map? Etc.)

You have to click on Journals to find a place to post an AT journal.

As Sly said, email truly designed to look as if it came from Ryan would have 
had Ryan's email address and name, not the postholer email address.  It is 
possible to spoof email addresses but highly frowned upon and it was clearly 
not the intention to assume Ryan's identity in this case.

Stitches, AT99

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>Subject: [at-l] No Journal Host Yet?
>Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 11:45:50 -0800
>Well, if you haven't decided on a journal hosting service yet,
>http://postholer.com has what you've been waiting for. See for yourself,
>here's what your journal entries could look like:
>Here's the features:
>+ Add journal entries/photos by email!!!
>+ Spell Checker!!!
>+ Extended journal info for keeping track of every aspect of your adventure
>+ Guestbook for your visitors
>+ Advanced editing features
>+ Integrated journal & forum accounts
>+ Presentation of the authors avatar
>+ Multiple journal handling that will blow your mind!
>Of course it's a free service, no price tags or donation banners.
>Hope to see you there!
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