[at-l] ride to PA Ruck from Philly

Alison Scheiderer scheiderer2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 13:39:56 CST 2007

 I just joined the list, so please excuse me if this is not an 
appropriate forum for this query. I finished a southbound through hike in 
December and am hoping to get to the PA Ruck to (hopefully) see some of the 
wonderful people I met along the trail. However, while I was hiking my 
car developed a bad rust habit and now needs to be retired so my 
transportation there is in question.  I live in Philadelphia, Pa. I am 
wondering if there is anyone going to the Ruck who will be coming from or 
driving through Philly on their way. I am more than willing to help defray 
the cost of gas and tolls etc. Any suggestions on how to get to the 
Ruck without my own vehicle would be welcome. It might be a fun bike ride 
after all.


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