[at-l] These...

Dennis Gass dennis at katom.com
Wed Feb 28 10:33:51 CST 2007

David Addleton wrote
I like trees
I am a little more selective.  Sitting here in my office looking out at
my side and back yard I really like the tree with the Hawk's nest in it.
I do not like the tree that decided to fall in my yard yesterday
evening, although I do like the fact that it decided to fall between my
house and fence rather than on either of them...and with what it had to
work with it fell into a tight spot.  About 90% of what it had to work
with would have hit one or the other.  I really don't like the much
larger tree that is still standing and is obviously dead at the top
because it could easily reach my office should it decide to fall this

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