[at-l] Good one week section near D.C.?

Kajsa van Overbeek k_vanoverbeek at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 27 03:03:17 CST 2007

Hi you all,

It's been a looong time since I posted on this list. I have a lot less time on my hands now that I'm a mum, but....
here's the thing...

My parents, now living in DC, asked us to come over from Europe with their favourite grandson and offered to take care of him for a week while we go elsewhere.
Well, our idea was to do a short one week hike on the AT. My dad would have to shuttle us there and pick us back up and like I said, they live in Washington DC. Since you guys are the trail-experts... which mini-section would you recommend? We're looking for something scenic, not too heavy, since we won't have time to get "acclimatised" to the trail in that one week. I guess, preferably not passing towns too much either, since we see enough of towns in Europe and with only a one week trip planned, resupply is not that much of an issue.

I am so looking forward to also trying out my Hennessy Hammock in the surroundings it was meant for :-D.

We're planning on going second half of June (no Rucks planned by any chance?).

Cheers from Holland (after a long long time),

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