[at-l] right before your thru

Amy Skowronek amy at forinash.net
Wed Feb 21 22:17:07 CST 2007

On Feb 21, 2007, at 4:51 PM, Rich kook wrote:

> anybody else get really nervous right before their thru-hike?  I  
> know anxious, I know excited, but nervous like its my wedding day.
> I'm prepared, but I guess it's just mentally shocking that I'm  
> about to quit my job

I've section hiked for a while, and I get nervous and excited every  
time.  Except last time.  Turned out I had mono.  My mom figured out  
something was wrong when I told her I didn't feel excited about that  
year's hike.  (I don't recommend hiking with mono, btw.  Or Lyme  
Disease.  Or mycoplasm pneumonia.  Dang, that was a tough trip.)

I was most nervous my first time though.  I really didn't know what  
to expect.  Now I feel like I'm home when I step on the trail.  (This  
flabbergasts my city friends who don't understand how I could feel  
lost and lonely in a city, but at ease in unfamiliar woods.  I bet  
you all know what I mean though.)

No section hike for me this year.  I look on in envy.  Maybe next  
year, if my life settles down a little.

-amy in md

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