[at-l] AT Maintainers question

Marsha atrailhiker at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 19 04:44:15 CST 2007

Chris Brunton "Trailboss", Cadillac Trail Crew/PATC;  had this to say in 
addition to the informative postings on this thread:

"A good trail maintainer should always look at trees that have fallen across
the trail to see if they might be used as a water bar or as a deterrent to
ATV's or mountain bikes. This will be determined by the terrain and the size
of the blow down.  If on a slope we will often trim the blow down and leave
it lying flush on the ground where it will work as a water bar, check dam or
step.  If the blow down has fallen across the trail on flat terrain we might
use it as deterrent. This, of course, will only work if there is
considerable growth on either side of the trail. If the tree is  about 16"
or more in diameter I like to cut out a step simply to enable hikers not to
have to take an extra large step.
As others have already written it is almost impossible to totally prevent
ATV's and mountain bikers.

Chris Brunton


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