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read my reply to the other email... may have the reasons you are looking for.

Casey "Dingle"

On 2/17/07, Felix J <athiker at smithville.net> wrote:
> Thanks to all answering the 'why cut the log that way' question. There
> was never, as far as I could tell, a specific situation present in each
> instance (other than, of course, a log laying over the trail). More
> times than not the log was in the air far enough that 'trenching' (what
> landscapers like to call it when your chaing goes into the ground)
> shouldn't be an issue. Also, a lot of the logs were fairly small...12-16
> inches in diameter, or so. These logs were the ones that I find it to be
> particularly odd to 'notch cut' instead of full thru-cut.    And, I've
> cut enough trees up/down that I did look for reasons...i.e,
> pressure/stress, to not just cut it up.
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