[at-l] Maintainerous question...

John Hedrick jhedrick at erols.com
Sat Feb 17 06:56:54 CST 2007

If the log is on the ground it may be acting as a check dam or waterbar and 
thereby preventing erosion.  That might be one reason the maintainer decided 
to leave it in place and notch the log to make it easier for hikers to step 

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> If the log is flat on the ground or imbedded in it a bit, it is hard to
> avoid damaging the saw blade by sawing into the dirt or perhaps rocks 
> below
> it. Generally it is a complicated question exactly how the log will behave
> as you cut through, depending on all the various stresses. You can usually
> tell as you get close to going through it and may well stop at that point 
> if
> it is going to do something you are not comfortable with.
> Almost nothing you do with down trees discourages either bikes or ATVs. 
> The
> bikers actually like the logs for jumping over unless they are reall big. 
> Or
> they just go around and creat a new piece of ugly trail. They are also 
> armed
> with saws and will modify things to suit them. We dropped more than 20 
> trees
> across ATV access paths and they had all been sawed out within a week.
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> My guesses are the log could be under stress and it's not as easy as it
> looks to cut it in two, but more likely to help discourage mountain 
> bikers.
> Sly
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> Hey...I  was remind on my recent hike in PA of something I've wondered 
> about
> for a  long time. Maybe some of you maintainer-types know the answer to
> this.  In the event that there is a log laying across the trial, why  do
> maintainers sometime cut halfway down in two places and then (I assume)
> plunge cut between the two cuts...therby making, essentially, a big
> notch...which is where hikers step thru/across the log? It'd have to be
> easier to just make two vertical cuts all the way thru the log and then
> have one piece to roll out of the way. What is the logik doing the 
> 'halfway
> twice and cut between' method?
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