[at-l] Valentines Day the day after trail related sorta

Tamara Krebs tamarakrebs20 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 15 10:36:10 CST 2007

My valentines day was spent with my dog who could have cared less what day 
it was. I also ordered take out pizza from my local pizza hut. my first 
order for pick up was ready 45 minutes after I placed it, but it wasnt what 
I wanted, so then it took them another hour and 25 minutes to get it right 
and get it to my door. uhhh.

To make this trail related... I have found a trail near Morehead City in 
eastern North Carolina. Its only 20 miles long but it has 3 shelters, 
roughly one every 5 miles. The trail is fairly close to sea level, and the 
beach for that matter. Anyone wanna do an overnight 2 day hike? In late 
march or april?


TamaraKrebs20 at hotmail.com

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