[at-l] Bigelow 02-10-07

Kurt Cedergren kcedergren at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 09:08:45 CST 2007

Saw my first white blazes of 2007!

Mark, Jerry, Tim, and I did a loop hike over the Bigelow range yesterday.
Started out from the Stratton Pond road at 8:30am. Sugarloaf/USA was
reporting 5 degrees on the summit of Sugarloaf with no wind. We where

We snowshoed up the Horn's Pond trail to the AT and followed it N along the
range. We crossed over South Horn and West Peak on our way to Avery Peak.
Although the skies where overcast and cloudy we enjoyed fantastic views!
Temp's where in the lower teens with barely a breeze blowing. We descended
via the Firewarden's trail, getting back to our vehicles at 6:30pm.

Pictures; http://picasaweb.google.com/kcedergren/BigelowLoop


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