[at-l] Yogi as verb

Lilla Thompson lthompson at hollins.edu
Thu Feb 8 14:31:37 CST 2007

Well, I knew holding up 'The Dictionary' as some sort of authority would
get somebody going.  As for the appropriateness of 'ain't's' (lookit all
them apostropheez! inclusion in the dictionary, we could argue about
that, I suppose, but I ain't about to go there ;) 

At least 'ain't' is a nice example of the correct use of an apostrophe
in a contraction... 

But many dictionaries pander :(  "Ain't" is in dictionaries but still 
not correct usage.

- HighHorseBriar

Lilla Thompson wrote:
> ### "Rampant apostrophizing"???  
> Dude--it's in the dictionary!  ...

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