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Alison Scheiderer scheiderer2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 00:08:27 CST 2007

This is too much fun to pass up. Sorry if yer tryin' to kill what could be an interminable thread. But judging from the talk of goats, there aren't necessarily more pressing things to speak of...

Mr. Through-hiker 2008, 
Here are a few preliminary recommendations to save yourself some money. I could go on at length, but recognizing that everyone's hike is different and that the less you start with the less you can have the pleasure of getting rid of, I'll start with a few basics....
no trowel, just a boot heel or a rock; no water purification, just a 1/2 ounce bottle of bleach for any sketchy water you absolutely have to drink out of. Absolutely no pack towel, no snake bite kit... old discussion on whiteblaze covered it pretty well: if you get bit, that kit won't help too much, only medical attention and preferably by someone who really knows what they are doing. I think the thread's ultimate recommendation was to carry the telephone number of a specific snake expert who proffered his/her services... (definitely searchable) . If you don't get bit, why are you carrying it? 
Hmm.. on the fuel, alcohol is ultra cheap and easily obtainable on the trail
utensil (singular) should cost less than a buck
And gloves, well 'tis true that food prep gloves, available free with any sandwich purchase at your local Subway franchise, will do the trick. Holding in vapor, they keep your hands warmer and are much lighter than anything else you may shell out for. Finishing a sobo through in December, I used those and some $1.19 gloves from a truck stop. They provided a nicer texture than the plastic of the sandwich prep gloves and were cozier in a sleeping bag, but still not really necessary. 
Soap??? whatever for???
sewing kit?? isn't that what duct tape is for?? If you must one needle and some dental floss. That's it. 
No reason to bother with a compass, sunglasses, sunscreen (until you get to the whites in late summer anyway) or bug goop (until you start getting bit later in the summer)
Obviously your comfort level will ultimately dictate what you carry, but that will be a lot less than the list you are compiling now once you get on the trail.And its fun to look for those extra grams. Like the backbreaking superfluous pieces of elastic string attached to my hammock.........

thanks for letting me indulge.


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