[at-l] Peripatetic Philosophizing

Shelly Hale shellydhale at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 5 17:21:03 CST 2007

Oh PhilisophiToey, I would say that whatever our "real" world is that we
perceive it to be, there is the very good chance that we "don artifice" in
order to simply survive.  It is a defense mechanism within us all that
allows us to protect those tender bits that bruise and mar so easily.

My definition of "real" world is that in which we allow ourselves to be as
we truly are without donning artifice or rather being able to be who we
truly are deep down when we can be honest with ourselves.  Sometimes,
though, we wear masks for far too long and our face becomes frozen like
that.  So, once what was a defense mechanism then becomes the reality. 

In civilization, I am of the opinion that there is much more masking of
ourselves (than as we are subjected to in peripatetic (or foot) travel).
However, to many this is their "real" world.  For, it is the only way they
know to live--to survive--to play the daily games of hide and seek within
the "civilized" world.

There is something to be said about peripatetic travel that has a tendency
to bring out our "honest" selves.  Oh, I am by no means attempting to say
that there is no artifice in this world, only that there is less opportunity
or even need for it. 

Tenacious Tanasi
Shell-no e-y

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