[at-l] ramen noodles thai dish

Amy Skowronek amy at forinash.net
Mon Feb 5 12:03:03 CST 2007

On Feb 5, 2007, at 11:51 AM, Rich kook wrote:

> all this Lipton's talk got me wondering...
> As far as the Creamy and Cheesy Lipton's go which call for milk and  
> butter...
> I just add more water and use squirt bottle Margarine if I have it...
> Does anyone have a better way to replace the milk? Powdered? sounds  
> like a hassle

If you use powdered milk, try full fat powdered milk.  It tastes much  
better than regular powdered milk.  I use "Nido", typically found at  
ethnic markets.  At home I keep it around to put in coffee if I run  
out of refrigerated milk.

Some hikers I know like it enough to use it like regular milk in cereal.

I tend to carry olive oil rather than butter.

-amy in md

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