[at-l] High Altitudes and Medications

Gary Ticknor garyticknor at starpower.net
Sun Feb 4 21:13:00 CST 2007

Another gout sufferer - my toefelt sympathy. I have taken 100mg 
allopurinol in Tibet and Nepal and the Altoplano and encountered no ill 
effects. No long hikes, but many short ones, especially in Peru. I had a 
fairly constant headache and some nausea in Tibet despite diamox, but I 
don't ascribe that to the allopurinol.

- Greenbriar

Jim Lynch wrote:
> I'm getting ready to go on a backpacking trip which will be above 10,000 
> feet.  The hike leader has asked if I knew whether my medication 
> (allopurinol, 100 mg/day) has any side effects related to altitude.  I told 
> her I would check.  I've got a call into my doctor, but wondered if anyone 
> on this list might have some knowledge about this.
> thnx 

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