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Sun Feb 4 06:23:53 CST 2007

Oops!  Sorry I didn't answer the flavor question sooner.  I would probably 
use whatever is in my pack.  You can probably come up with all sorts of 
interesting options...

Most Pad Thai around the Boston area comes with both chicken and shrimp.  
Imagine a chicken Liptons and a shrimp ramen?  Or maybe something with 
skinnier noodles would be better.  I would avoid the creamy/cheesy flavors 
but other than that, go wild.

Eight years ago, the Asian Sides didn't exist in Lipton's.  The Thai noodle 
dish would probably lend itself to this dish quite nicely.  I'm not so sure 
about the terriyaki or sweet and sour one but you never know...

The peanut butter and soy will likely go far to mask whatever flavors you 

Oh yeah, you might want to go for a long, hard, day hike and try this at 
home once before you hit the trail.  If for some reason you find it 
unpalatable (can't imagine why, though ;-), I would hate to be stuck 
carrying out this mass of food.

Bon apetit,

Stitches, AT99
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>From: "Tamara Krebs" <tamarakrebs20 at hotmail.com>
>Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 05:55:09 -0500
>what flavour of lipton do you use Mara? ...
>From: "rgcmsg" <rgcmsg at charter.net>
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 17:41:20 -0500
>What flavor Lipton would you recommend?...

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