[at-l] One Love Note

Bob C ellen at clinic.net
Thu Feb 1 19:11:04 CST 2007

Goodness: Two wonderful posts in a row. Life could not be better.

> Sloetoe:
> Very nice post, especially on a cold winter day spent planning our next 
> adventure.
> Several years ago someone on an outdoor forum wrote that he didn't want 
> to 
> thruhike any of the long trails, because he didn't want to do the 
> connector 
> bits, he just wanted the highlights.  I really couldn't understand, 
> because 
> to me, it's all part of the whole.  While I love standing on top of a 
> peak 
> and seeing for miles, there is also pleasure in walking the green 
> tunnel.  I 
> may prefer sunshine - but the drizzly foggy days remind me of hiking 
> the AT, 
> and those memories are good ones.  People look at our CDT pictures and 
> see 
> the snow and think "I wouldn't do that" - but some of our most 
> beautiful 
> hiking was through snowy landscapes.  Even burned forests can have an 
> eerie 
> beauty.  It's all good.
> Ginny

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