[at-l] Hobo Ken

Tim Rich athiker89 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 27 07:04:16 CDT 2007

Felix, are you making this drive alone, or will Nettie Mae or Harmony be making the trip?


Felix J wrote:
Sloetoe wrote:

>--- Felix J wrote:
>>I'll be in Hoboken Saturday evening. So...tell me
>>this, all y'all....am 
>>I gonna find a parking place on Bloomfield Street?
>>Or, am I gonna have to find a garage and stuff?? 
>### That all depends on whether you want to drive the
>same vehicle home, doesn't it? I mean, Yuppie Central
>Park Way West or not, it's *still* Hoboken.

I ain't drivin' the same vehicle home. I'm drivin' a convertible VW bug 
from Bloomington to Hoboken for John's hairdresser. Then, I ride home 
with Pilot.

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