[at-l] Hobo Ken

Kent Gardam kent_gardam at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 27 06:49:11 CDT 2007

I'll tell ya, sometimes you just don't know where to turn to find things you can depend on in life.
  Whodathunk that I'd wake up today to the news that Felix is associating with a hairdresser?  It just shakes your faith in humanity, man.
  Next thing you know there will be reports that the blood on Kurt Schilling's sock in the World Series was just paint.

Felix J <athiker at smithville.net> wrote:
  Sloetoe wrote:

>--- Felix J wrote:
>>I'll be in Hoboken Saturday evening. So...tell me
>>this, all y'all....am 
>>I gonna find a parking place on Bloomfield Street?
>>Or, am I gonna have to find a garage and stuff?? 
>### That all depends on whether you want to drive the
>same vehicle home, doesn't it? I mean, Yuppie Central
>Park Way West or not, it's *still* Hoboken.

I ain't drivin' the same vehicle home. I'm drivin' a convertible VW bug 
from Bloomington to Hoboken for John's hairdresser. Then, I ride home 
with Pilot.
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