[at-l] TDz Saturday morning walk on the Creeper

Kent Gardam kent_gardam at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 07:31:04 CDT 2007

I don't much care who it is, I just gotta believe that 26.2 miles in a thong for anybody would have to be just a tad on the mite-uncomfortable-side of things.  Least ways I'm not going to experiment on myself to find out.

Shelly Hale <shellydhale at earthlink.net> wrote:   Dawg writ: I mentioned to a few friends that I was going walking Saturday
morning at TDz to continue my MARATHONG training.

Ermmmm... Wall, Dawg, I reckin that this here be one of them thar type-O
grafical errors.... cuz I shawr do reckin that iffin folk seened me in my
mara-THONG I'd likely scare the beejeebus outta some folks. ;))

Tenacious (duckin anna runnin!!!) Tanasi

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