[at-l] TDz Saturday morning walk on the Creeper

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Thu Apr 26 06:05:46 CDT 2007

"This goes for you too Camo." 

Truth be known, I was planning to ride my bike on the Creeper Trail during "Trail Daze"...the one I have to pedal, that is. But in the (unlikely!) event there's no rain in the forecast, I'll come down on the Harley, in which case I won't be bringing the bicycle[s]...
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> After we gorge ourselves on Tin Dogs and Dawg Burgers Friday night we are going 
> to need to walk it off. 
> I mentioned to a few friends that I was going walking Saturday morning at TDz to 
> continue my marathong training. 
> Did they want to join me? I had a few takers. 
> So...there is now an unofficial official walk Saturday morning on the Creeper. 
> Here are the details. 8.5 miles...starting at the ABINGDON end of the Creeper. 
> Station 8. 
> The 8.5 mile walk ends up at Station 6. That is 8.5 miles. 
> (I think those numbers are right...my map is at work) 
> I thought about starting in Damascus and going toward Abingdon, but my coach 
> asked me NOT to do the 11.5 that would entail. My eleven mile walk is the next 
> weekend. 
> So, if you want to walk with the group that seems to be amassing, be at the 
> Abingdon end of the Creeper at 8. Or get in the Dawg Mobile and ride with me. I 
> will wait at the Abingdon end of the Creeper to leave until 8:10. After that, we 
> are gone. 
> Bring hydration and a snack. Email me if there are suggestions or questions. 
> Dawg 
> Ps. Long Haul...don't even think about not going. This goes for you too Camo. 
> And Hummingbird. 
> I see you hiding over there Marsha Marsha Marsha. Behind Shell-no e-y. 

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