[at-l] TDz Saturday morning walk on the Creeper

Gadog430 gadog430 at charter.net
Wed Apr 25 21:31:44 CDT 2007

After we gorge ourselves on Tin Dogs and Dawg Burgers Friday night we are going to need to walk it off. 

I mentioned to a few friends that I was going walking Saturday morning at TDz to continue my marathong training. 
Did they want to join me? I had a few takers. 

So...there is now an unofficial official walk Saturday morning on the Creeper. 
Here are the details. 8.5 miles...starting at the ABINGDON end of the Creeper. Station 8. 
The 8.5 mile walk ends up at Station 6. That is 8.5 miles. 
(I think those numbers are right...my map is at work)

I thought about starting in Damascus and going toward Abingdon, but my coach asked me NOT to do the 11.5 that would entail. My eleven mile walk is the next weekend. 

So, if you want to walk with the group that seems to be amassing, be at the Abingdon end of the Creeper at 8. Or get in the Dawg Mobile and ride with me. I will wait at the Abingdon end of the Creeper to leave until 8:10. After that, we are gone. 

Bring hydration and a snack. Email me if there are suggestions or questions. 


Ps. Long Haul...don't even think about not going. This goes for you too Camo. And Hummingbird. 
I see you hiding over there Marsha Marsha Marsha. Behind Shell-no e-y. 

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