[at-l] How I earned my trail name - eight years ago - TODAY!

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Funny entry!

>From Mara's journal:
" ...Bristlecone thinks that this would be a good time to start drinking, and if
I could stand the taste, I might just agree with him. Instead, I will just be
looking to track down a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Not sure if I should eat it or
ice my elbow with it, though..."

I think the answer would be to ice the elbow/ then eat the ice cream, repeat as
needed. <g> Nice to hear from you. 

I'll be at Trail Days. --RockDancer

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Lump is long gone.  Scar is still there.  But, it's on the back of my elbow so I
never see it and neither does anyone else unless I point it out to them.

The funny thing is, until now, when asked about my trail name and I said "I fell
on the way into Erwin," people figured out that I hiked before.  Now, when I say
I earned it on the way into Erwin, they'll assume it was this year unless I
explain that I hiked in '99.

Stitches, AT99

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