[at-l] Shuttle HF area

wb4pan at mindspring.com wb4pan at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 21 14:49:31 CDT 2007

Hi Gang,

        Amy Marcucci is looking for a shuttle from Harpers Ferry to the bootens gap/skyline drive area on Saturday may 26th OR Sunday May 27th. If you can be of assistance please reply.
       Last weekend while doing some training at Konorock I stopped by Partnership Shelter and met two nobo's.(mus)Stash and darn the other guys name just slipped away, began with a C I think. Any way at 4:30pm they had come 20 miles and intended to go on another 10 to beat Saturdays rain and make it into Atkins for supplies. They didn't accept my offer to drive them to the store for snacks. Also the Habitual Hiker and Umberella Lady were looking for a ride to NY to continue their 2007 hike.
       Tomorrow I put out my first camera for the Smithsonian Wildlife study. Anyone else here participating in this  7 month survey?
      I have been reading the mail but lurking. I am doing a lot of running in my spare time. Counting down 20 months till retirement. Yee-hI. The four months in the woods last year was just not enough. Maybe I will just move there permanently. I hope to drop by T-Days but I am on forced overtime starting next week....


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