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Don't  you folx know I'm old enuff to know what a lightnin' bug/firefly  
is?   These things were wingless bugs, not really worm-ish, more  like 
dodecoped (is that a 12-legged thing??). So...they are about 3/16th  of 
an inch long...wider at the head with a body shaped like an  
arrowhead...the tip of the tail glows...doesn't 'flash' like a lightning  
bug...they crawl on the ground in leaves along the banks of a stream.  

Exactly!  Glow worms.  Lots of creatures have  phospherescence.  Love sailing 
along at night and with a hand or a paddle  in the water out on LI Sound the 
phospherescence is like magic light.  Of  course, I never saw that kind on the 
AT but then my trek on the AT was not that  far in distance.  Of course if 
there was this kind of thing seen near a  stream then perhaps it is the same 
kind of thing as in the salt water of LI  Sound.  Almost makes me want to go 
sailing again.  Perhaps you could  capture a few examples in a jar, take them to 
the County Agricultural Center and  ask them to indentify what you caught.  
Then again, you could just admire  them.  Or you could bring a friend who is 
versed in bugs to come along and  I D them.  Or you could just leave them where 
they glow and have that inner  satisfaction that you have seen a miracle 
(actually a natural miracle).  Or  if that is a redundancy then you could write about 
it on this list and people  could guess at what you saw when you saw it.
Jack Skylander  (Glimmer, glimmer)

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