[at-l] They ain't lightnin' bugs...

Felix J athiker at smithville.net
Sat Apr 21 13:50:42 CDT 2007

Janie wrote:

>Hey Felix,
>Down here in Georgia we call the lightning bugs, however we sorta drop the "g" and say lightnin bugs. 

Don't you folx know I'm old enuff to know what a lightnin' bug/firefly 
is?   These things were wingless bugs, not really worm-ish, more like 
dodecoped (is that a 12-legged thing??). So...they are about 3/16th of 
an inch long...wider at the head with a body shaped like an 
arrowhead...the tip of the tail glows...doesn't 'flash' like a lightning 
bug...they crawl on the ground in leaves along the banks of a stream. 

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