[at-l] ShenRUCK update 04/20/2007

Richard Mann yugrekih at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 08:29:57 CDT 2007


ShenRUCK update 04/20/2007

Someone emailed about possibly coordinating the lodgings.  Lost the email.  Please email again...

I have interest for attending the ShenRUCK from the following people:

Pittsburgh, Barb, Ryan, Wilson
Kevin Kirby
Mike Hanson

A few ShenRUCK highlights:

Hike the entire trail in the Shenandoahs in one day.  Join us for the ShenHATT hike on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 26, 2007).  We'll start the day with a hearty breakfast at the Big Meadows Lodge Restaurant, then head out for our sections...

Slackpack the entire trail in the Shenandoahs from May 21st to the 28th, averaging around 14 miles a day.  We'll get you to and from the trail...


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