[at-l] trail trees

V Hurst vjl_47 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 15:07:53 CDT 2007

Sorry this is such a late response..its been a long week. Great article. I did see a children's book on this subject and was my first introduction to 'trail trees'. Felix, there are some bent trees in Deam and around the lake in SF area...I've seen them and have  a photo of a GA one from the trail too. Now I don't know if they are naturally bent or trail trees as its only lately I've learned of the way to identify...its interesting though ...to think back at a simpler time when all that was needed to find your way was a naturally bent, renewing, living marker.. 
  I grew up in Oklahoma, and trail trees are something I have known about 
my life.
Check out the following article, and how to distinguish a naturally 
bent tree
from one that was possibly done by Native Americans.



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