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Thu Apr 19 11:08:31 CDT 2007

--- Clark Wright <icw at wardanddavis.com> wrote:

> ...According to some sources, GSM hydrochloride
> actually works a LOT better than the more common
sulfate based versions,
### Yes, to something like a 2|1 ratio -- this finding
is a good decade old, too, not the latest truth

> 4)  I believe that there may be a difference between
medically diagnosed osteoarthritis and what I would
label “weekend warrior” joint pain and problems.  My
guess is that if we tailor some future studies to
focus on whether GSM/Chondroitin therapies can help
reduce further joint deterioration and/or improve
joint function in non-arthritic people who are
physically active, then we might well get some more
positive answers.
### Absolutely. ALL the mentioned stuff (glucosamine,
chondroitan, MSM, hyaluronic acid, and stuff *not*
mentioned -- especially jello (yesssss, "jello" --
made from "rendered" beef joints, yup), IS NOT just
for osteoarthritis, but for assisting in the physical
functioning of joints and related structure --
cartilage, tendons, tendonal sheaths, the sinovial
fluid that lubricates the tendons within the sheath,
etc, etc. The body's mechanism for repain/replacement
is poor (compared to how it does in other areas), and
the movement of materials into and waste out of these
tissues is likewise poor. Taking this stuff does not
guarantee anything except to insure that your body has
all the building blocks available, for *it* to use.

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