[at-l] The Bittersweetness of Life

Linda Benschop athummingbird at dnet.net
Wed Apr 18 18:06:34 CDT 2007

Thru Thinker.

That was an incredibly touching post.  I am going to save it to read 
again.  I have also been affected greatly by the shootings.  That, 
coupled with the escalation of the war in Iraq and the incredible number 
of deaths, and serious injuries, makes my heart ache.

My daughter, an OB/GYN and Major in the Army Medical Corps, was just 
contacted and sent to a three day combat medicine class at Annapolis.  
She has assured me that she will be okay.  But why would they send her 
to combat medicine training if they didn't  plan on sending her to Iraq?

You are absolutely correct.  Each day is precious.


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