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Richard Mann yugrekih at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 09:45:50 CDT 2007


Vera, Sawnie, Skyline, listers -

The ShenRUCK is ready to go.  The dates are the same as before.  I tried to move the event into early June, but could not make sense of it.  So, the ShenRUCK begins right after Trail Days and ends one week later during Memorial Day Weekend.  Please look over the website and determine if you can attend any or all of the event (I may not be able to attend the entire event).  As with all of the RUCKs, it is an eating/hiking gabfest.  The highlights of the event are us.  We make these events...

There are backpacks, slackpacks, day hikes, on the AT and off of the AT, plus group meals, presentations and a HATT hike.  The event moves north through the park as the week progresses, so you will want to make arrangements accordingly.  No one will be coordinating lodging, so please make your own arrangements.  Some (or all) of the meals may be hosted - let me know if you are interested in hosting a meal.  Some stuff may not work out as planned, but that is okay...

Email me off-list if you can attend, or if you wish to participate in any of the activities, or if you wish to host anything or make a presentation.  Email me off-list if the information on the website needs updated or corrected...

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