[at-l] OT-Sue Turner, "Hammock Hanger" on the Great Eastern Trail

atrailhiker at adelphia.net atrailhiker at adelphia.net
Tue Apr 17 09:04:59 CDT 2007

Hello - 

Sue Turner, "Hammock Hanger" is the first person to attempt a thru hike of the new GREAT EASTERN TRAIL (GreatEasternTrail.org).  

Jeff Hunter, Southeast Programs Director for The American Hiking Society announced this new trail at a presentation at the 2006 Gathering.  It is a network of many other trails from the Florida border to the Canadian border...

This historic hike is being followed with much interest by the media, many hiking organizations, and fans like myself. 

You can view the photos I just uploaded to her trailjournal by going to:


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