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You will have plenty of company along the trail in May.  The trail was in 
good shape prior to this latest storm.  We won't assess the damage(if any) 
until the winds slow down.  There should be plenty of water at the Huts.

Tell me about adapted GPS.

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> As you might recall, I am considering hiking the Appalachian Trail using
> adapted GPS.  I originally considered a start date of March, 2007 but
> decided to put it off until March, 2008 because of difficulty getting data 
> I
> consider necessary and some conversion issues.  I have enough data to
> attempt such a hike.
> I plan to do a test-hike in Shenandoah National Park in mid to late May. 
> I
> picked Shenandoah National Park because of its reported relative ease and
> access to Skyline Drive.  That will give me some options if things do not 
> go
> as I expect.
> Is anybody on this list planning to hike Shenandoah National Park then? 
> If
> so, would I be able to hike with them for one or two days?
> The data I have look reasonably accurate.  I have compared them with at
> least two and three sources in some cases.  Having said that, there are
> certain things I will not know until I am actually on the trail.  Having
> someone around during the first day or two of such a hike could make a big
> difference.  I am planning a relatively slow hike because I want to see 
> how
> my data work and because I am a fairly slow hiker to begin with.
> Sincerely,
> Mike Hanson
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