[at-l] Thru-hiker sightings

Cutter cutter78 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 23:05:19 CDT 2007

This past weekend I led eight Boy Scouts and a couple leaders on a hike out
of Hot Springs, N.C. that included a portion of the AT. On Saturday we
headed up the Roundtop Ridge Trail, which connects to the AT just before
Rich Mountain, and we camped at a campsite just beyond the side trail to the
Rich Mountain fire tower. We returned Sunday by way of the AT.

Along the way on both days we ran into several thru-hikers. Hot Springs must
have been crawling with them the last few days because there was a steady
stream of them while we were on the trail. One told me Elmer's was packed

Though it was cold and rainy over the weekend, they all seemed well-fed and
well-scrubbed as they left town.

I didn't get names of all the hikers we saw, but I did get a chance to talk
to NOBO Hobo, Little Red and her hiking partner Wolf, Castanets, and Tom-B.
I also learned that NOBO Hobo was with Matterhorn. Castanets told me about
Clem, who's carrying and occasionally practicing his 8 lb. French Horn.

If you're interested, you can read more in a trip report I posted here:


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