[at-l] Hiking Companion Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Mon Apr 16 15:05:00 CDT 2007

As you might recall, I am considering hiking the Appalachian Trail using 
adapted GPS.  I originally considered a start date of March, 2007 but 
decided to put it off until March, 2008 because of difficulty getting data I 
consider necessary and some conversion issues.  I have enough data to 
attempt such a hike.

I plan to do a test-hike in Shenandoah National Park in mid to late May.  I 
picked Shenandoah National Park because of its reported relative ease and 
access to Skyline Drive.  That will give me some options if things do not go 
as I expect.

Is anybody on this list planning to hike Shenandoah National Park then?  If 
so, would I be able to hike with them for one or two days?

The data I have look reasonably accurate.  I have compared them with at 
least two and three sources in some cases.  Having said that, there are 
certain things I will not know until I am actually on the trail.  Having 
someone around during the first day or two of such a hike could make a big 
difference.  I am planning a relatively slow hike because I want to see how 
my data work and because I am a fairly slow hiker to begin with.


Mike Hanson

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