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Jim Bullard jim.bullard at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 16:35:27 CDT 2007

So if they've got that wrong... what else?

On 4/13/07, Gary Ticknor <garyticknor at starpower.net> wrote:
> I just got back from Oklahoma and there are LOTS of trees, especially in
> the east, where the Cherokee were settled. Admittedly, there are not
> many trees in the Cimaron Strip area.
> - Greenbriar
> trailtrees.com
> Jim Bullard wrote:
> > I was curious because the article in the original link that began this
> > discussion hypothesized that the Native Americans had forgotten about
> > trail trees because of their relocation to Oklahoma where (the author
> > alleged)  "there are no trees".
> >
> > Not only am I not certain, as the author seemed to be, that there are
> > no trees in Oklahoma ...

Jim Bullard

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