[at-l] "Special" AT trees...

Felix J athiker at smithville.net
Thu Apr 12 21:09:55 CDT 2007

Jim Bullard wrote:

>I remain skeptical.<<snip>>
>In future I will be paying more attention to such trees and
>photographing them as a matter of curiosity. Most similar trees that I
>have seen are clearly much younger than 175 or so.

I'm with Jim and Chainsaw on this. If they're talking about what I think 
they're talking about (was there a picture that I mist?), I've seen them 
all sorts of places. And, not on boundary lines or marking trails. I 
have a couple within a few hundred yards of my homestead. IF they're 
talkin' about what I think they're talkin' about.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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