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Linda Benschop athummingbird at dnet.net
Thu Apr 12 07:57:43 CDT 2007


That was a very moving post.....and so true.  My mother died suddenly at 
50 and I went into labor at her funeral.  The baby's birth gave me such 
joy and, naming the baby after my mother, helped me to realize that it 
is true that life goes on.  Your story really hit home for me.

Hugs, Hummingbird

Bror8588 at aol.com wrote:
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> athiker at smithville.net writes:
> I see  that my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, has passed away. That 
> saddens me a  bit. Rumor has it my grandfather is about to do the same.  
> That'll  sadden me, too.
> It is sad to separate from the familiar and the very close people in our  
> families.  We lose something and the loss leaves us empty.  Even the  
> anticipation of loss can be stressful and cause us pain.  Some assuage  their loss by 
> thinking that they will see the lost person in another life.   Perhaps this is 
> true but my own practice is to attempt to remember them; all the  humor, 
> poignancy, anger, love, etc., from my contact with them.  I have  regrets about not 
> asking questions about history and experiences but there is  nothing to be done 
> about that now except to inquire of others who may have known  them.  In 
> terms of Kurt Vonnegut, I can read his books and learn about him  from biographies 
> written about him.  I last saw Kurt Vonnegut on March 13th  at La 
> Mediterranie, a little French Bistro on Second Avenue in NYC -- less than  a month ago 
> (by one day).  Life goes on.  Children are born as old  people die and life goes 
> on.  We who feel the loss of losing loved ones  also know the joy of 
> celebrating new life.
> Skylander
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