[at-l] [WomenHikers] Trail Days Tin Man & Dawg Friday NightHiker BBQ

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Mon Apr 9 18:37:46 CDT 2007

Tin Man's will have pasties on it. That much I can guarantee.
They may be shaped like an AT symbol, but they'll be on there.

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> Dawg,
> I was thinking about you when I went to Big Lots here the other day.  I
> don't know if all Big Lots have the same items but this one was full of
> Hawaiian things......lots of coconut bras, hula skirts and decorations.
> Just thought you might like to know.  Some of those bras were pretty
> skimpy and tied in the back.  Would have to tie them very carefully and
> tightly with some of THESE guys around..  Some were bigger and didn't
> show quite as much.  Others let it "all hang out".
> Hummingbird
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