[at-l] Hikers on the trail, etc.

Felix J athiker at smithville.net
Mon Apr 9 18:08:12 CDT 2007

bluetrail at aol.com wrote:

>Be on the lookout for Li Brannfors <<and, then>>
>Be good to him; he's a super nice guy, 
I thought this was going to be one of those 'FUBAR' be on the lookout 
fors...  Glad it's not. 

<then, Joan said>

(no trail name)

and, I say...this oughta be easy.  "Li Brannfors'...LiBra 
Nnfors....Libra In Force  (which really works out great if he was born 
in late Sept/early Oct)  (or, if he's speaks Spanish and has lots of 
books)  Or, it could be Libra Enforce...which is the same thing as 
'throwing the book' at someone. 

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