[at-l] Hikers on the trail, etc.

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Mon Apr 9 16:15:06 CDT 2007

Be on the lookout for Li Brannfors (no trail name) who's attempting to hike the AT northbound and then fly west to southbound the PCT, thus finishing both trails in one year.  Li is medium height, wiry build, and carries a well-worn large-ish furry green frog on the outside of his pack.  He's doing the hammock thing.  He's already hiked several of the major trails (the FT among them) and is a fire technician/crew chief at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  They actually gave him a leave of absence for 10 months!
Li's already doing 30 mile days and expects to hit Damascus this week.
Be good to him; he's a super nice guy, if a very driven guy.
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