[at-l] Need Camera Memory help

George (Tin Man) Andrews tinman at antigravitygear.com
Mon Apr 9 11:19:07 CDT 2007

No, Felix, my camera does NOT have alzeheimers.

I was in Florida at Mom's funeral and took many photos of family etc.  The 
last photo of the trip was taken by a passerby of me with 2 old school 
buddies.  when I got back to the hotel that night to show Carolyn, there was 
only one photo on the card showing up and that was the last one taken.  I 
know the other pics are still on the card and would like to know if there is 
a way to recover them.  No photos have been taken since the loss was 

Any ideas?  Email me off-list
Tin Man

tinman at antigravitygear.com 

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