[at-l] Hikers on the trail, etc.

greyowl at rcn.com greyowl at rcn.com
Mon Apr 9 08:19:24 CDT 2007

JB is on the trail.  I had misread his post, it was his bother who was in the hospital and he passed away last week.  More can be found at 


I hve been looking forward to reading his journal.  He is definitely an interesting character and I enjoyed talking to him at the last PA RUCK.

I have read a number of journals at Trailjournals.com and have not found anything of really good quality.  Maybe it is time that Ms. Lite of shoes takes another hike.  She and Nina should have that darn book finished by now.

This past friday I was in Washington DC taking care of some family business.  The city was all white and pretty.  Nothing like snow in April.  Snowed on Saturday.  Finished up the business at 1:00 pm and headed north with thoughts of hiking in a Maryland state Park.  Blowing snow canceled those plans also.  Yesterday was cold with snow (notice a theme here).  I had to get out of the house so I walked to the post office.  Definitely the colddest 2 mile walk of the year.

Hope you all have had the opportunity to get out and do some winter hiking/wlking this past weekend.



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