[at-l] If you think the AT is crowded or overused now..............

Doug Mathews mathews at uga.edu
Sun Apr 8 11:12:13 CDT 2007


If you think the trail(s) is/are over crowded now, then I'd suggest 
that you get out and hike now.  According to the US Census Bureau, by 
the year 2050, there will be 419,854,000 folks in the US. That is 
almost a 50% increase. Now I don't know how many undocumented folks 
that includes or exclude, but I feel safe to say that this number may 
be less than the actual total.

So the powers that be(you and me) had better put some pressure on 
those in the know to do some planning on how to accommodate the 
increase.  If everything holds, then a 50% increase in total 
population may mean a 50% increase in trail utilization if not more.

Of course that is more on the roads, more demands on all our resources.

For those of you planning on still here then,  you'd better start 
electing some folks who have more to do than figure a way to 
redistribute money.  Even if you do not plan on being here, you need 
to start electing folks who care about what's happening in the future 
and not just staying elected!

(Boy if this does not get some traffic flowing! ;-))

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