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atrailhiker at adelphia.net atrailhiker at adelphia.net
Sat Apr 7 08:14:50 CDT 2007

Good morning!!

Right now there is about 6" of snow on the ground....it's very beautiful...wish I could post a picture of it here....I'm sure in ADKs it's even more beautiful. 

Thanks for the birthday wishes....I FEEL LIKE A KID. 

The coffee is real good this morning too. 

The company is even better. 

Love to all.

50 today.....damn 

---- Felix J <athiker at smithville.net> wrote: 
> Jim Bullard wrote:
> > I'll second that and hope it's warmer where you are celebrating than 
> > here (22°).
> But...she's celebrating in Cleveland. CLEVELAND!!!  It doesn't matter 
> what the temperature is in Cleveland. 
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