[at-l] Lots of hikers in Damascus

Linda Benschop athummingbird at dnet.net
Fri Apr 6 22:39:02 CDT 2007

We were just in Damascus and, first thing, ran into Pirate.  He told us 
he was there for Trail Days.  We commented that he was a little early 
but he said he liked to start partying early.  The town was already 
filled with hikers and it was such a treat to talk to some of them. 

BTW we are moving to Damascus permanently before the end of the month.  
The place we will be is on the Creeker and has an entrance to the A.T. 
right across the street.  We are really excited about moving there.  We 
stayed there all last summer and never wanted to leave.  Now we won't 
have to!



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