[at-l] who cares?

Doug Mathews mathews at uga.edu
Fri Apr 6 21:48:40 CDT 2007

Well, I'm even later to this party.

I used to live close to Kim Basinger's mom and we were pretty good 
friends. One summer I was taking her some tomatoes from the garden 
and when I knocked on the door, this tiny woman opened the door. No I 
did not drop the tomatoes and tried to act casual and asked if her 
mother was home (and she was not) so I simply asked if she'd give the 
tomatoes to her mom. She said sure and I thanker her and left.  I'm 
not sure how fast my heart was beating as I walked back 
home.  Besides being attractive, I could not get over how short she 
is. Now I'm s towering 5'8" but I'm much taller than she.

End of story------

At 08:39 PM 4/6/2007, you wrote:
>Once I interviewed Geraldo, as in Geraldo Exclamation Point.
>He was very, very... geraldo.
>VERY Late to This Party

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