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What are y'all talkin' about, full circle?  Isn't that Warren's group?  And besides, my daughter used to date a guy who looked just like Kevin Bacon.
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Sloetoe wrote:

>### OK, well, a friend of mine got a Thanksgiving
>phone call once (at home, not on trail, 'kay?) from
>Dave Matthews. I once carried BBKing's Lucille off the
>tour bus, and another time carried Harry Chapin's
>guitars onto the tour bus (different bus). And a hiker
>I know has seen John Mellencamp's wifie in skimpy
>clothing. (I mean live, not in a magazine picture.)
>Wait. What were we talking about?
For the sake of some clarification...

John Mellencamp's wife is not named Lucille and she has never been on 
Dave Matthews' tour bus.  I have never been on Dave Matthews' tour 
bus...though, I have leaned on it once.  I hear it has a 'never full' 
restroom. Harry Chapin, who may or may not have had a wife named 
Lucille, was never on BB King's tour bus...which was named, 
coincidentally, Dave. Grandma Gatewood (whose first name was Lucille) 
was never on Earl Shaffer's tour bus. Though, I hear she toured with 
Harry Chapin. The Circle of Bacon is complete. 

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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